Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. 26-28 January 2018

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Quo Vadis- the Annual Management and Cultural Festival of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. Started in 2007, it is a three-day extravaganza: a celebration of sorts; a dense display of management acumen and knowledge and conviviality which characterize college life; a festival oozing with fun, vibrancy and entertainment.



Music, Stars, Stand-Ups, Competitions, Food, Fun, and more.



The top B-Schools in India participate in this showstopper event.



Inviting the best, the brightest and the smartest youth in the country to come have fun.


The Annual fest of IIFT Delhi is a fun-filled 3 day extravaganza consisting of both cultural and management events.

January 26, 2018
9:00am - 1:00pm
Vriddhan- Finance Case Competition
HIP HOP International - Solo, Duet and Group
Venue: Acad Block and Main Stage
Final round of Vriddhan, the finance case study competition will include presentations and evaluation. Register for Vriddhan here!
Hip Hop international will be conducted at the main stage. Register for HHI here!
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Cognosentia- The annual quizzing event
Jharokha - Online Movie Making Competition
Venue: Acad Block and Main Stage
Quiz will be conducted in the Acad Block. Register for the Quiz here!
Online submissions of Jharokha will be screened in the Auditorium. Register for Jharoka here!
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Kratos- Operations Case Challenge
Rooh and Raga- The group and solo singing event
Venue: Acad Block and Auditorium
Operations Case Study challenge final presentations will take place in the Acad Block Register for Kratos here!
all the participants of Rooh and Raaga will sing their hearts out to enthrall the audience. Register for Rooh here! Register for Raga here!
6:30pm onwards
Pop Night
Guru Randhawa - The famous punjabi singer will join us for Quo Vadis 2018 and will make a grand opening for the fest.
Venue: Main Stage
Famous bollywood singer Guru Randhawa will be singing on the main stage infront of a huge audience to open the first night of Quo Vadis 2018- Raise Your Voice on a high.
January 27, 2018
9:00am - 1:00pm
Markician- Marketing Case Study Challenge
Nukkad Natak - Prelims
Venue: Acad Block
Marketing enthusiasts will present their case infront of the panel of judges to win the coveted competition of Markician. Register for Markician here!
All theatre enthusiasts will be performing outside the Acad Block battling it out and leaving a social message in the society. Register for Nukkad Natak here!
12:30pm - 2:00pm
Comedy Cafe
Venue: Auditorium
All aspiring stand up comedians will battle it out in the auditorium to win the competition and entertain the audience. Register for Comedy Cafe here!
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Arbitrage- Trade Challenge
Battle of Bands
Venue: Acad Block and Main Stage
Different musical bands in Delhi/NCR will be performing at the stage to win the exclusive Battle of Bands. Register for Battle of Bands here!
All the participants of Arbitrage will be presenting their case solution to the judge panel in the Acad Block. Register for Arbitrage here!
5:00pm onwards
Comedy Night- Ticle your Bones & DJ Night
Abish Mathew and DJ Flynn
Venue: Main Stage
One of the most experienced comedian of the country, Star of AIB Abish Mathew will be entertaining the audience as a part of Quo Vadis 2018. Afterwards DJ Flynn will rock and roll!
January 28, 2018
9:00am - 1:00pm
Eternity's Call- Consulting Case Challenge
Ramp Burn - Fashion Show
Venue: Acad Block and Main Stage
Fashion enthusiasts will burn the stage with their ramp walk and fashion style. Register for Ramp Burn here!
Participants of Eternity's call will be presenting their strategic case solution to the panel of esteemed judges. Register for Eternity's call here!
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Campus Princess by Femina Miss India
Venue: Main Stage
Aspiring models of Delhi/NCR will give their everything to win the coveted title of Campus Princess and win an entry to the Femina Miss India. Register for Campus Princess here!
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Samahava- E-Commerce Challenge
Nukkad Natak Finals
Venue: Acad Block
The teams who will clear the preliminary round of Nukkad Natak will perform their full play in the final round. All teams will give their everything to win the competition and bring a change in the society.
Participants of Samahava will present their case to the panel of our esteemed judges. Register for Samahava here!
6:30pm onwards
Star Night
Indian Ocean and Maadhyam - Indian rock bands
Venue: Main Stage
The band widely recognized as the pioneers of the fusion rock genre in India and Maadhyam - an upcoming sensation will take your breath away with their performance.


The pro nights are the most anticipated part of any cultural festivals. Our line up for Quo Vadis 2018 include the following:

  • Portfolio Item

    Guru Randhawa

    Singer of the famous songs "Ban jaa tu meri raani", "Tenu suit suit karda", Guru Randhawa is the new sensation in town

    Portfolio Item

    Abish Mathew

    Star of AIB and Son of Abish, Abish Mathew is one of the most experienced comedian of the country

    Portfolio Item

    Indian Ocean

    Pioneers of rock in India and singers of "Bandeh" and "Behney Do", this year Indian Ocean is ready to blow your minds in Quo Vadis 2018!


Book your tickets fast to be a part of this most awaited festival!

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    • Guru Randhawa

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      • 26th January, 0630 PM
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    • Abish Mathew

      • 399 Rs
      • 27th January, 5 PM onwards
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    • DAY 2

    • DJ Flynn

      • 249 Rs
      • 27th January, 6 PM onwards
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    • DAY 3

    • Indian Ocean

      • 249 Rs
      • 28th January, 6 PM onwards
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    • DAY 3

    • Maadhyam

      • 249 Rs
      • 28th January, 6 PM onwards
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For more information or any query:

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